Our Services

Before making vital property decisions see the team at Property Solutions for the following:

Residential Valuations

  • For mortgage security-reports accepted by all banks and lending institutions
  • For sale or purchase. When purchasing, we can assist by highlighting positive and negative features
  • Renovations-what areas add value and enhance saleability?  When am I over-capitalising?
  • Insurance Assessments

 Rural Valuations

  • Subdivision - Best options
  • Buying?  Selling?
  • Development Options / Recommendations
  • Mortgage Finance
  • Compensation Issues associated with acquisition for roading
  • A proactive approach and wide perspective to all issues associated with rural property.

Commercial & Industrial Valuations

  • Market Valuations for sale or purchase (are you paying too much, or is this a bargain, what are the prospects for future growth?) 
  • Mortgage Valuations accepted by all lenders. 
  • Insurance Certificates - maintain proper cover without paying too high a premium.
  • Rental Valuations - is the current rental too low, could I get more, or am I paying too much? 

Business Valuations - Going Concern

  • Goodwill assessment
  • Chattels and equipment values
  • Return on assets
  • Assessing value and business viability
  • Finance
  • Plant & Machinery

Plant & Chattels Valuations

  • Insurance - to adequately cover items, it is necessary to ascertain their replacement value, including installation and set up costs
  • Change of Ownership - to establish exactly what is included with regards to chattels
  • Taxation & Depreciation reference
  • Financing - many financial institutions require a valuation of chattels for lending purposes.

Insurance Assessments

Property Solutions complete replacement cost insurance assessments on all types of property including residential, rural, industrial, commercial and plant and equipment.

Services Summary

Agri-Business:  Budget and financial reports on orchard and farm properties.

Property Consultancy: Broad range associated with buying, selling, subdividing, developing of property.

Property Acquisition: Assist potential purchasers with identifying most suitable property for their needs and physically acting as facilitator in the sale and purchase transaction.

Asset Sales Management: Assist in identifying best sales programme for vendors including marketing strategies.

Financing Submissions: Preparing reports to financiers encompassing overview of property, use of finance, valuation and debt servicing requirements.

Property Management: Commercial property management, overseeing rural property finance and on-farm management in a “controlled sell-down” situation.

Insurance Assessments: Residential, Rural, Commercial and Industrial





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