Moving to the Bay of Plenty?

Where should you buy?   What should you buy?

You make your money when you buy a property not when you sell

We have a sound understanding of the property market and can give you guidance, assisting you with your property purchase.

  • What areas have increased at greater levels than others
  • What are the best streets within suburbs
  • What are the schools like and which ones would we recommend
  • What factors are the most important to a specific property in terms of re-sale
  • What areas am I best to concentrate on in terms of new development to increase value and
    saleability of my home.

Our valuers can provide the answers to these questions and make your purchase decisions easier.

We offer a service of assisting offshore purchasers looking to migrate to New Zealand.

Our service entails identifying suitable properties that meet their specific requirements (in terms of locality, type, price range etc.) and negotiating purchase within agreed parameters (identified by valuation).

Should you wish to discuss this option please make contact with Simon Harris in the first instance.

You may wish to get an overview of trends in Tauranga residential property.

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