Tauranga Roading Network

Following on from the construction of Takitumu Drive and the new toll road between Tauriko and the city, the duplicate harbour bridge was completed in the end of 2009.
These developments are a taste of what is to come for the Western Bay of Plenty’s roading arterials.  Years of planning in which SmartGrowth played a vital role is coming to fruition.
The region’s District Councils and Transit New Zealand have entered into a partnership agreement to manage and co-ordinate planning efforts.  The Pyes Pa bypass has removed through traffic from Tauranga’s residential end of State Highway 36 (Pyes Pa Road) and now provides more efficient access between the highway and downtown Tauranga via the Route K toll road. The bypass cuts through the Lakes development from the crematorium.
The following are a summary of future developments and an investigation that is underway on upgrades or bypasses:
  1. Katikati Bypass – will reduce congestion and heavy vehicle traffic through the main street.
  2. Omokoroa/State Highway 2 Intersection – the intersection needs to be upgraded to meet the demands of the peninsula’s growth.
  3. Tauranga and Northern Arterial – a 6.8 kilometre road bypassing Te Puna and Bethlehem is planned to leave the existing highway at the intersection with Loop Road and link into Route K. It will reduce congestion and travel times and improve safety.  This is a long term project and potentially 15 years away (on old now by present Government).
  4. Bethlehem Township improvements – new roundabouts at the southern and northern ends of the shopping area have been completed. The project is designed to improve safety, reduce congestion and improve the urban environment through the township.  It has involved some widening.  This is now completed.
  5. Pyes Pa Bypass - relates to number 5 on map below.  Now completed.
  6. Hairini Link - aims to reduce congestion by increasing traffic capacity along Hairini/Turret Road and Fifteenth Avenue and to improve safety including better walkways and cycleways. The project’s first stage has been improving the Fifteenth Avenue/Fraser Street intersection, which was upgraded early 2011.  Future stages could include an additional bridge between Hairini Causeway and Turret Road, extra lanes for high occupancy vehicles and buses along Turret Road and Fifteenth Avenue.  The underground link between Welcome Bay Road has now been completed.
  7. Girven Road/Maunganui Road Intersection – the design is complete and construction has commenced.  This is traffic flow and safety driven, and will be linked into development of new Tauranga Eastern Link (see below).   It is estimated to be completed at the end of 2019.
  8. Tauranga Eastern Link – this 23 kilometre new, four lane highway is an integral part of access from eastern parts of the city and forms a ‘robust’ transport network to support growth. Its is funded from tolls on the Domain Road to Paengaroa section of the highway.  This project is now complete saving 10 – 12 minutes minimum from Paengaroa to City.
  9. Tauriko Bypass – a funding application to investigate bypass options will be considered.  Work includes to assess the feasibility of a bypass around the existing section of the state highway which runs up the hill from Belk Road to the Tauriko service station, along the straight and down the Route K roundabout.
  10. Upgrade of intersection at State Highway 2, Te Puna has been completed.  This has seen a new roundabout improving safety at intersection with Te Puna and Minden Roads and State Highway. 


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